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Slide Adversity, Crisis, and Trauma Coach Free 15 Minute Strategy Session Start Now Empower yourself within months to achieve everything you want in life. In the ever-shifting landscape of life, we all encounter storms—moments of profound adversity, unexpected crises, and deeply felt traumas that challenge our very essence. These moments can leave us feeling lost, overwhelmed, and uncertain. But it's in these moments that transformation and growth await. Welcome to Aquila' Mahdi Coaching, where together, we journey through life's most challenging terrains, turning obstacles into stepping stones and pain into purpose. As your dedicated adversity, crisis, and trauma coach, I'm here to be your compass, guiding you back to strength, resilience, and hope.

As an adversity, crisis, and trauma life coach, I offer:

Guidance: A steady hand through the turbulence, helping you navigate the complexities of your experiences.

Healing: Personalized strategies to mend emotional wounds and restore inner peace.

Empowerment: Tools and insights to rebuild confidence, embrace resilience, and turn adversities into avenues of growth.

Your journey, with its trials and tribulations, is uniquely yours. But you don't have to walk through the storm alone.

REBT Coaching

Develop an unconditional acceptance of reality and self.

Transformation Coaching

Change the way you see yourself.

NLP Coaching

Uses proven techniques to make it easier to change your thought and actions.

CBT Coaching

Regulate emotional response while developing coping strategies.

Life Purpose Coaching

Discover your soul's purpose.

Law of Attraction Coaching

Create your personal and professional path to success.

How the process works

Aquila’ empowers you to eliminate obstacles, gain clarity, set goals while holding you accountable through her direct and definite approach.


Getting to know you


In-depth analysis


Talking it through


Analysis of recovery